Snow Removal Services Ham Lake , Blaine, MN

Snow & Ice Management

Dependable Snow Removal & Deicing Services in the North Metro

Commercial snow removal Our commitment to providing industry leading snow removal services.

At H&H Contractors we continually invest in top of the line owned and operated equipment operated by our skilled & trained snow removal crews providing optimal efficiency, and safety while on your property.

Our offered contract options, 

  • Per Time This adaptable billing approach tailoring your invoices to the specific snowfall amount during each weather event.
  • Seasonal - Choose your preferred start & end month for billing, and we will manage your property throughout the winter season. Monthly invoices will be provided for your convenience. 
  • Time & Material For businesses seeking the most control over their snow and ice removal management, the hourly billing option is the optimal choice for your property.
  • De-Icing - Both granular, and granular equipped with liquid pre-wet solutions, ensuring your property remains free from ice and snow-related risks.
  • Snow Relocation / Hauling Relocation We offer specific hauling services that are tailored to fit seamlessly into your facility operations, often we will preform our hauling services throughout overnight, and weekend hours to optimize efficiency & minimize facility disturbance.
  • High efficiency snow blowing - There is no longer the need to freight the damages that can be caused by trucking convoys. Offering a site-specific blowing option that best suits you! We can also mitigate the risks of damaging curbs, and turf caused by pushing into grass areas.

Snow Removal Equipment to Get the Job Done

We pride ourselves on doing a job well, and that means having the right tools for the job.  Our equipment is newer and well maintenance to get your facility free of snow and ice as soon as possible.  This keeps interrptions to your staff and customers to a minimum.