Water Fountains

Water fountains come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes allowing an option to fit your space.

Fountain options include:

  • Basalt
  • Bubbling natural stone


Auditory privacy: Block out surrounding noises with the soothing sounds masking from neighbors or nearby roads.

Low maintenance: The fountains we install are very low maintenance we ensure this by installing liner systems over basin fountain systems to minimize spillage, water consumption, and upkeep.

Cooling effect: During the hot Minnesota summer days incorporating a fountain in your space will actually help create a cooling effect.

Dry creek beds: Consult with one of our sales professionals to sculpt a unique drainage plan to your property.

Water Management:  Drainage and dry creek beds help manage water runoff to ensure your property isn’t damaged from a heavy rainfall or seasonal snow melt.

Erosion Control: This element effectively mitigates soil erosion by directing water and runoff towards the designated path, preventing your properties soils from being unwelcomely washed away.

Flood Prevention:
Dry creek beds can prevent flooding, stagnant water from gathering by diverting excess water away from vulnerable areas.

Minimize Standing Water: By eliminating your properties standing water with a dry creek bed solution you are also deterring away are least favorite insect... Mosquitos

Pond Installation

A well-built pond becomes the focal point of your backyard in an instant. It where yourself & friends can enjoy nature while holding gatherings with your loved ones. Its also an optimal way to relieve stress, and sooth your senses over the calming sound of water as you admire your ponds koi fish swimming, and vegetation throughout your feature.

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