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Did you know?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has set forth a series of guidelines that should be followed when constructing or restoring your Minnesota shoreline.

What are the DNR criteria?

  • Riprap should not cover existing vegetation, such as cattails or bull rushes.
  • Riprap should be made of natural rock, 6 to 30 inches in diameter.
  • Crushed rock, gravel or filter fabric should be placed underneath the riprap.
  • Riprap is not more than 6-feet waterward of the Ordinary High-Water Level.
  • Riprap conforms to the natural shape of the shoreline and does not obstruct navigation or water flow.
  • Minimum finished slope of riprap is no steeper than 3:1 (horizontal to vertical) whenever possible.
  • Area adjacent to the shoreline is not a posted fish-spawning area, or designated trout stream.

Important notes: 
A DNR-approved shoreline is not a single row of large boulders placed along the shoreline.
A DNR-approved shoreline is not several stacked rows of boulders along the shoreline.  This would be considered a retaining wall, and would be strongly discouraged (and would require a permit prior to construction, as well).

Our shoreline Permitting process

Depending on your project & your specific locations requirements we will work directly with the local city, DNR, and local watershed districts to obtain the required permits needed to complete your project. There can be up to a 30-60 day turn around depending on the season of submitting applications.

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