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Landscaping Services

Below are some of the landscaping services we offer.

Fridley Retaining & Boulder Walls

Retaining & Boulder Walls

Boulder walls look natural in any landscape for homes and businesses.

Fridley Bobcat Grading Services

Bobcat Grading Services

From final grades to garage pads, H & H will handle all your skid steer bobcat grading service needs.

Fridley Black Dirt - Fill - Class 5 Driveways

Black Dirt - Fill - Class 5 Driveways

We offer a wide variety of black dirt and fill delivery services. We can supply most any type of material you are looking for.

Fridley Drainage - Drain Tile Services

Drainage - Drain Tile Services

From standing water to water run-off, water can be a hassle. Let us take care of your drainage issues.

Fridley Black Dirt

Black Dirt

We offer a wide variety of black dirt and fill delivery services. We can supply most any type of material you are looking for. We have our own supply of fill sand and black dirt that we deliver. We can deliver a variety of load sizes please call or contact…

Fridley Class 5 Gravel for Driveways

Class 5 Gravel for Driveways

Class 5 Gravel and Fill available for delivery near ham lake, mn and surrounding areas. Call for Pricing.

Fridley Clean Fill

Clean Fill

Fill dirt and clean fill is the dirt or soil found beneath the topsoil, often referred to as backfill clean fill or just fill. It’s composition and color can vary. In some areas fill can be of sandy texture or contain small stones. This multipurpose material…

Fridley Walkways & Stairs

Walkways & Stairs

Add a touch of style with a custom brick or boulder walkway or set of stairs

Fridley Patio Landscaping

Patio Landscaping

A well designed patio can add valuable outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxing. A patio often mixes many landscape services such as a retaining walls or a boulder retaining wall and a walkway or stairs, all coming together around a center…

Fridley Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Add style and function to your commercial property with our retaining wall & landscaping services

Fridley Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Add warmth to your backyard with a custom fire pit.

Fridley Garden & Food Plot Tilling

Garden & Food Plot Tilling

Get your garden or food plot ready for planting quickly with none of your sweat.

Fridley Brush & Land Clearing

Brush & Land Clearing

​Getting land ready for further development or just needing to do some spring cleanup around the yard, we can help!

Fridley Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services

Dependable Snow Removal & Deicing Services in the North Metro When winter is at it's worst, we're at our best. Enjoy a clean parking lot and clear sidewalks every snow fall. We'll be out plowing, sanding & salting for you. …

Fridley Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Keep your slops from eroding away during heavy rains and storms. Our team of landscape management experts can help preserve the natural beauty in your landscape. Contact us to setup a time and to discuss your erosion prevent needs. …

Fridley Lakeshore Landscaping

Lakeshore Landscaping

Make your Lakeshore looks it's best, leave working with all the muck to us.